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Be Proactive: Network Audits Are Your Best Way To Mitigate Risk

We all know what audit is, but have you heard of the term security audit? Well, many of you might not have heard about it, security audits are a vital part of any modern organization.

Did you know that more than 1000 cases of cyber hacks have been reported in the US in the year 2020? The attackers have even exploited huge companies like Microsoft, VMware, and SolarWinds. 

As companies are moving towards digital transformation, they need to embrace different strategies to improve their efficiency and drive growth. For that, businesses need to leverage vast amounts of data and adopt cloud computing and data analytics strategies, thus protecting all this information from cyber hacks.

What is a security audit?

Network security audits work within the organization with regard to the risk mitigation strategy. The audit can be performed by both internal and external auditing teams, in which the process involves an in-depth assessment of the company’s policies.

Security audits are time-consuming because it includes not only the technical side of the network but also the security policies of the organization. Sometimes, security audits also include personal interviews and documentation reviews to ensure that all the information is secured and all the technical aspects of improving cybersecurity have been followed regularly.

However, there is no perfect time to do security audits as it depends on the importance of the data of the company. Thus, cybersecurity experts mention that businesses should run down security audits at least twice a year.

Yet, the importance of security audits is noticed when companies suffer any data breach. And that’s when they certainly need to perform special security audits to control the faults that lead to the data leak. Remember: Knowing your weakness will help to keep yourself strong.

Benefits of security audits for businesses:

  • 1. Find gaps in the security system: Did you know that in Canada, organizations have few privacy laws that allow the usage and regulations related to confidential information. 

Hence, security auditors need to understand the areas of non-compliance when it comes to the company’s security. By executing the security audit, companies can know the areas where it can improve, changes that must be made to achieve compliance, and the gaps in security measures, which ultimately lead to data leaks.

  • 2. Upgrade your security system: After realizing all the high-end vulnerabilities, companies have come up with plans to upgrade their security system. Businesses can put up live security video monitoring to capture all unwanted incidents.

Also, this can help capture the culprits with proper evidence. The building can also have code access control systems to control the entrance to the premises. This is where security auditors can ensure that businesses are physically and technically safe from any kind of threat.

  • 3. Leverage information security: Every business needs different security levels. Thus security auditors will help you understand the type of security tools your organization will require.

You need to understand whether your business needs a centralized security solution or whether every device needs a specific IT security accordingly. Network security auditing can also specify whether you are overspending or underspending on the IT system.

  • 4. Deliver in-depth IT analysis: Your cybersecurity auditor will report detailed checklists that will highlight all the problems and provide solutions regarding the risks and industry standards.

For instance, the report might suggest the quality of your organization’s security control. That could also include setting up a firewall on the server, only if your internal activities have any faults.

Technology is fast developing. Thus, organizations need proof of security to exploit various types of data leaks. Understanding the security vulnerabilities is really important for every business, so don’t be scared to start with your company security audits. 

Always keep in mind that security audits are not a one-time solution. You need to keep your business updated and secured from all kinds of security breaches, and thus, this is why companies need an IT security audit at least twice every year. 

Hence, hiring the best cybersecurity auditor will be no less than a win-win situation and save the organization from any kind of data leaks. Contact 247servertech, a top-notch Cyber Security Auditor that keeps cybersecurity as the main priority with comprehensive and proactive reporting, enhanced auditing, and ongoing monitoring for threats.

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