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5 Benefits of Transitioning Your Business to the Cloud

Several businesses are far from using cloud technology to manage their operations. They are
still stuck with physical file storage and maintenance of on-site data. These businesses fear
larger expenses and lack trust in cloud technology.
On the other hand, cloud-based businesses are gaining profits as they benefit in terms of more
productivity, increased security, and savings. Moreover, Forbes reported that 74% of IT chief
financial officers believed that cloud computing positively affected their business growth.
Here are five benefits of transitioning your business to the cloud.

  1. Increased Control and Collaboration
    With efficient managed IT services, businesses can set up a seamless cloud network for their
    operations. Once employees upload their work to the cloud network, everyone else would be
    granted access to the files.
    This gives members of an organization more control and allows them to collaborate easily on
    projects. Overall, it reduces processing time and increases productivity.
  2. Enhanced Savings
    Cloud-based businesses are past the struggle of maintaining servers and hard drives to manage
    their data. Essentially, cloud computing not only helps save on hardware costs but also reduces
    maintenance issues.
    This results in an enhanced cash flow because cloud-based operations enable companies to
    auto-upgrade to new software. Thus, with barely any need for routine maintenance, upgrades,
    etc., businesses can efficiently utilize the savings generated for other vital functions.
    Moreover, most IT managed services companies offer
  3. Reliability and Security
    When employees save essential data on their computers or laptops, they risk losing the data at
    any given time. This may be caused due to natural disasters; a crashed hard drive, theft, etc.

However, cloud computing keeps the data secure regardless of external circumstances. For
instance, if theft occurs, crucial business data will still be safe from exposure because log-in
details are required to access it.
In the case of natural disasters, data can be accessed even if laptops or other devices are
destroyed. All businesses require is a steady internet connection, and they can resume work
remotely till the situation improves.
Additionally, a managed IT service provider ensures that businesses can control access to vital
information on their cloud network. This way, any unwanted transactions can be immediately

  1. Flexibility and Round-the-clock Access
    One of the leading benefits of managed IT services is that providers guarantee flexibility and
    24/7 access to data through a cloud network. Since the cloud network can be accessed from
    any device, employees are not subject to any geographical or time-based restrictions.
    Moreover, fully managed IT services ensure that the data is available on a secure network for
    employees to access at any time, which is impossible if the data were being managed within the
  2. Eco-friendly Alternative
    With countless forums and discussions surrounding the impact of climate change, businesses
    can take a step towards being kind to the planet through cloud computing. Maintaining data on
    a cloud compared to physical files reduces paperwork as well as the need for hardware.
    Therefore, this results in a significant reduction of a business’s carbon footprint. Since there is
    lesser energy consumption in cloud-based organizations, it contributes significantly to the

Summing Up
Through a sizable increase in the number of cloud-based businesses, it has become evident that
digital databases are more secure, reliable, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly.

Additionally, cloud-based companies have successfully managed large databases on a single
cloud network that has improved productivity, reduced workload, increased data security, and
enhanced flexibility.
In times of rapid climate change, cloud computing offers a promising start to helping the planet
recover from the ills of excess industrialization.
Furthermore, with the growth of efficient managed IT support services, a business can take
their organization to new heights with cloud-based operations.

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