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Better IT services can save your businesses bottom line. Know how?

The year 2020 was definitively a tough one for everyone. Nonetheless, a crisis always brings opportunities, and the massive exposure to Information Technologies (IT) we’ve been through is one of them. Even the most reluctant old school entrepreneurs have seen the potential for business on these tools.

In this article, we provide a basic guide to IT services for small businesses.  We sincerely believe that, at this point, the use of IT is not just a tool for improvement, but a basic standard of operation.

The cost of technology in business may seem unnecessary at first, but it always proves to be a worthwhile investment when done wisely.

What IT services are?

IT services are various applications that use valuable business and technical knowledge to build, manage and optimize organizations’ business processes.

IT services are very varied, from the design to the execution of a business plan. There are sub-classifications in each of these processes, which offer infinite possibilities for improving a company’s management, from internal communication to after-sales services.

IT services are wide-ranging. Some of the most typical examples are managing a computer network, executing and maintaining data backups, email marketing, or content management.

This kind of service has been part of the business for decades. Since the invention of the telephone, every new technology has provided possibilities that take time to be fully understood.

How does Information Technology reduce costs?

One of the most significant IT-related information gaps has to do with language. It is difficult to understand so many unfamiliar concepts and words. What we want to know is simple: how does technology save money?

But during the pandemic, the answer to this question became clear; in some cases, it saved small companies from bankruptcy. Isn’t t teleconferencing the best example? Whether forced or not, remote communication saves transportation money for every company member and can make even renting an office unnecessary.

Cloud computing is an easy-to-understand example of IT cost reduction. They store your data online, save money from buying expensive equipment and make it unnecessary to hire IT experts to maintain essential software and files.

Managed IT services for small business

Managed IT service refers to a set of IT tools offered to a company as a comprehensive service, including management. Examples vary in scope and operation, ranging from equipment maintenance to the execution of all company IT processes.

These services are useful for small businesses that are unable to form their own IT departments. Managed IT services provide them at a reasonable price with a customized management package tailored to reduced budgets.

Managed IT services reduce technology costs for small businesses and offer them services they would not otherwise obtain. An example of this is CMR customer relationship management, which without these tools could mean hiring an entire marketing team.

The cost of outdated Technology

Just imagine yourself visiting a bank office to open an account. Inside that place, you see workers using typewriters and cubical monitors powered by Windows 98. Banks worked perfectly 20 years ago with that Technology, but honestly: would you trust a bank using that kind of equipment?

Answering this question will help you understand your customers. Technology updates save money, not only because they improve a critical process but also because they show how much you care for your business and your clients. This measure will have an impact on your brand’s image, and ultimately on your earnings.

The cost of outdated Technology is obvious: potential customers will not feel comfortable and secure with you and search for other options.

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