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How to enhance email security in 2021

Imagine you sent an email and waited for an hour, the clock moved, and it’s been four hours, you waited again. Your curiosity backed with panic is gradually scaling up with every passing hour. Suddenly you receive a pop-up asking for ransom in lieu of your highly confidential data. 

Well, the situation can send anyone on this earth into a panic mode, especially when businesses’ reliance on email has reached an all-time high. 

Ever since the pandemic surfaced and we have started moving into the digital realm, organizations rely heavily on cloud mails and SaaS-based tools. As a result, we are witnessing a visible yet scary increase in online phishing. This is a digital risk that many organizations and internet users face daily.

Although as we get digitally smarter, so do the con artists, who are waiting to steal all your data, and cloud email has emerged as the favorite target of cybercriminals these days. 

These cyber cons frequently exploit misconfigurations, inadequate build-in protection to steal confidential data by delivering dangerous malware through their attack campaigns. 

With us approaching the new year, the most dangerous email security trends have been identified on the surface ahead of the year 2021 increasing the demand for email security best practices.

Well, with all the gloomy malware surrounding us, how we can enhance email security, still remain unanswered. However, this can be mitigated. 

Let’s have a closer look at digital threats and some email security best practices in 2021. 

  • Phishing Attacks :

The year 2021 has shown how strong and luring phishing attacks could be. Such phishing scams have risen exponentially in recent months with the level of sophistication and specificity in the execution of attacks. The availability of unsecured information across various social media platforms gives the attackers the authority to sneak a peek into the sensitive data and steal it all along. Phishing attackers usually send well-researched and tailor-made emails that increase the chance of users falling prey. 

  • CEO Frauds : 

CEO fraud is again a major cyber-attack where most of the cloud emails fail. CEO fraud is also known as a Business Email Compromise where C-suite executives, finance, HR, and IT employees come into the cybercriminals’ eyes by impersonating and getting access to all the sensitive information. Targeting the C-suite is a tactic that brings success to attackers as both the acute and valuable data is usually kept within the company. 

  • Ransomware attacks:

Asking for Ransomware by sending malware is another form of Email security threat that has been on the surge ever since we entered into 2021. Ransomware carries high costs for victims, including colossal data loss, and sometimes causes severe reputation damage. Cybercriminals are running Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) schemes on the dark web, enabling individuals and groups to have a disproportionately large impact relative to their knowledge and skills. Ransomware is an increasingly emerging type of cloud email attack and is gradually becoming increasingly prevalent and problematic for businesses, especially in 2021.

How to enhance email security in 2021

Email attackers are putting cybersecurity on the back burner. Cybersecurity has never been more critical as it is now as organizations scramble to adapt and adjust to accommodate remote workers.

Targeting the C-Suite and Phishing attacks based on COVID has risen significantly and is becoming the norm ever since the pandemic surfaced. 

However, cyber thieves now have a mechanism in place to distribute phishing attacks exploiting the latest trends. But with the correct and on-time protections, it can be difficult for attackers to reach out the sensitive and valuable data. 

Cybersecurity in Canada and worldwide is a critical issue that can’t be ignored as no one can afford to leave their email accounts inadequately protected. Thankfully, there is software available for individuals and businesses. 

247servertech provides you the best defense-in-depth approach to security and email security solutions to keep your data safe from cyberthreats. 

No matter where you may be, we will monitor your business to the best of our abilities. Our IT security and reporting team can provide cybersecurity to your business 24x7x365, all day and all night, guaranteeing reports of possible threats and can assure to protect your business accordingly.

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